​​Smart controls: How much money can they save you over time?​​

Smart controls, also known as smart thermostats, are devices that allow you to remotely control and monitor the temperature in your home using a smartphone or other internet-connected device. They work by connecting to your home’s heating and cooling system and adjusting the temperature based on your preferences and schedule.

​​What’s the difference between a steam boiler, a gas boiler and an electric boiler, and how do they work?

When it comes down to boilers, there are many different options to choose from. But, when you live in an apartment or small home, you’ll most likely make use of a gas, electric or a steam boiler. Gas boilers have been around for ages, and are pretty self explanatory.
But what exactly are the differences between a steam or an electric boiler? In this blog, we’ll take you through the key differences between, and major benefits of steam boilers and electric boilers .